Lyrics to Noose
by Tripping Daisy

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[edit]Song titleNoose
[edit]Artist nameTripping Daisy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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All of the days have been stolen
The people around me have all spoken
And I am the one slipping and sliding
When there’s a noose looking for you

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Now that the smoke has all flown away
The people around me have all floated down stream
And I am there choking on bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles
Where there’s a noose looking for you
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Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Now that my skin is all frozen
The ants will eat me till I’m a carcass, bones still
Laying in forms as I was chosen
And all at once the noose is you

It’s hard to move when the noose is you
When all along the noose is you
There’s no more noose looking for you
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Lyrics to Noose
by Tripping Daisy

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