Lyrics to Anxiety. Anxieties.
by Trophy Scars

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[edit]Song titleAnxiety. Anxieties.
[edit]Artist nameTrophy Scars
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Alphabet Alphabets are amazing
Astonishing aspiring and always aging

Agreeable accents accompany
Awful answers
Aphrodite’s antitheist
And antelope antlers

I spent 6 months embedded in ink
I read your book and poured a drink
I knew my Alphabet wouldn’t
be the same the day
You left and got on that plane

Find more similar lyrics on we get older then
And we’ll be better than
It’s not like everything right now
Is where we always planned
And I want to thank you all
A spinning spectacle

My intentions not to leave you
coming back for more
It’s a game. It’s a game. It’s fun.
See you later, adios and have fun

There’s a million other things Id like to say
But there’s not enough letters
in my Alphabet today
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Lyrics to Anxiety. Anxieties.
by Trophy Scars

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