Lyrics to Baby Eskimo Kisses
by Trophy Scars

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[edit]Song titleBaby Eskimo Kisses
[edit]Artist nameTrophy Scars
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The way you'd close your eyes
Your lashes against mine
The way you used to smile
I'd bite my lip and smile
The light was baby blue
And I'd take care of you
And our baby too
I would marry you
The glacier looked so sweet
We said we'd never leave
You said it must be fate
You found your soul mate
Now I think too much
"I don't drink enough,"
And then I drink too much
I don't think enough
So go and roll your eyes
A paradox; you'd like
To think that you're right
Well, you're right, alright
You'll stay forever tonight
You'll stay forever

When you left that day
I though you'd be back again
"She's my baby girl;
she'll come back I'm sure"
But Jerry don't you know
That she's not yours to hold
She could hold you back
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Jerry what'd you do?
Cause now you're losing you
Why would you lose that ring?
Rachel really loved you
Rachel really loved you

Now I think too much
"I don't drink enough,"
And then I drink too much
I don't think enough
So go and roll your eyes
A paradox; you'd like
To think that you're right
Well, you're right,
you're right, you're
right, you're right
You'll stay forever that night
You'd never leave that night
You'll stay forever alright
Guess you'll stick, soft; sex
Losing words for you
And when you're kissing him
I hope he gets the same
You'd never leave

Now we're getting married
That baby's on its way
Her name would be Quinn
It's hard not to pretend
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Lyrics to Baby Eskimo Kisses
by Trophy Scars

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