Lyrics to Safer Haven
by Trout Fishing in America

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[edit]Song titleSafer Haven
[edit]Artist nameTrout Fishing in America
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Once I lived in southern California
Sand and surf was good to me.
Then one early morning I was shaken out of bed
And ended up down on my knees
Saying Lord let this building hold together
Don’t let me be killed by debris
When it was all over I loaded up the truck
I had to move away from Beverly (Hills that is…)

So I slowly made my way to Oklahoma
Secured a little mobile on a hill.
I just got settled in when the sky began to rumble,
It hailed and got perfectly still.
I said Lord let that be a freight train
Winding its way through this stormy night.
But Mother Nature laid a track smack through my living room
And I knew that that location wasn’t right.

I’m just looking for a safer haven, a safer place for me to be,
Asking for a little slice of Heaven while holding off eternity.

So I took a bus to North Carolina,
Became a barefoot bum out on the beach.
I gave up television and the papers
So I didn’t know what was headed right for me.
I said Lord let that be a little weather
Don’t let it be a storm that bears a name.
I tied myself tightly to a treetop
Find more similar lyrics on I rode out a Class Five hurricane.

I’m just looking for a safer haven, a safer place for me to be,
Asking for a little slice of Heaven, while holding off eternity.

So a friend and I, we sailed to Hawaii
Climbed a mountain with a native guide.
She said this was a dormant volcano
Then we heard the deepest gurgle down inside.
I said Lord let that be indigestion,
We turned and ran quickly for the dock.
I never knew that I could run that fast
But I’ve never been chased by molten rock.

And I try to find a moral to this story
To put some closure to this wasted life.
I’ve settled in the Arizona desert,
The earth is still. The air is dry.
And I said Lord don’t let me be so stupid
As to run away from everything I see.
I finally found my safer haven
At least until the killer bees find me.

I’m just looking for a safer haven, a safer place for me to be,
Asking for a little slice of Heaven, while holding off eternity.

George Barton (BMI) ©1999 Tinderbox Publishing
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Trout Fishing in America biography

Trout Fishing in America is the long-standing musical partnership of Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet. The name, taken from a Richard Brautigan novel, seems almost as incongruous as a picture of this musical duo: Ezra Idlet (guitar) stands six feet nine inches and Keith Grimwood (bass), five feet five and one half inches. After three decades of writing, recording and performing together, Trout Fishing in America can look back at a body of work that is impressive and know they are just hitting their stride.

.....MORE.....(full Trout Fishing in America biography)

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Lyrics to Safer Haven
by Trout Fishing in America

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