Lyrics to Weathered Statues
by Tsol

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[edit]Song titleWeathered Statues
[edit]Artist nameTsol
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Weathered statues, tin soldiers that march in our
parks Wrapped in yellowed newsprint, on their
benches in the dark Faces fill with sadness,
sorrow drawn from your nights Surviving on old
glories but now the glory's have died Lonely men
who are tortured, once proud but now forgotten
Gnarled hands hold canes, where guns were once
before Taunted by the children whose parent's
lives he saved Forgotten by a state, whose leg in
Find more similar lyrics on he gave Silver gleams upon his chest, though
sweat gleams on his brow Darker days and sable
nights, who work upon his soul His honor flew away
from him, like pigeons on the wind Spending his
last pennies on cheap wine and sins But still they
make the soldiers And soldiers still grow old
Another day, another statue, falls out in the dawn
Weathered Statues stil march on and on
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Lyrics to Weathered Statues
by Tsol

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