Lyrics to R.V.E (Rotting Vampire Eyeballs)
by Tsunami Bomb

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[edit]Song titleR.V.E (Rotting Vampire Eyeballs)
[edit]Artist nameTsunami Bomb
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Come to see you at the mortuary, you came round
looking Oh so scary It was very very late at
night, and you gave me such a fright We held hands
to your lair then you gave me that monster stare
Being with you is like sucking on rotting vampire

I'll be all right, with you claws wrapped around
me In the dark night, I will let you impale me
Picnic in the cemetery, turn off the lights and
scream BLOODY MARY! Took a bath in baby's blood,
saw your mutilated body and

Last night I went to your grave, I trusted you to
behave! I know why you weren't there-you spent the
night in the witch's lair. I ripped her heart in
two, this is the gift to you Cause I'm the only
one who'll put up with your rotting vampire
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Have fun with her while I am watching you Watch
out, I'll lure in a pit of boiling brew You said
no one was as creepy as me, and we'd be together
eternally Give me back my plate of maggots, I
never told you... But you look like...BOB SAGET!

Found another to be mine, his name is Frankenstien
And on our ceiling hangs the head of your Miss
Thang I'll caress his green skin, and together
we'll live in sin NOW I DON'T NEED YOUR ROTTING

He's big, He's mean, and he'll rip out your spine
And then your spleen, and then it's dinner time!
He bought me a guillotine, that's cause he's so
mean And tonight on our date, he'll bring me a
plate... Of your rotting vampire eyeballs.
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Lyrics to R.V.E (Rotting Vampire Eyeballs)
by Tsunami Bomb

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