Lyrics to This is how it is
by Twarres

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[edit]Song titleThis is how it is
[edit]Artist nameTwarres
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lately there's been a change
Of how I feel about you
What once seemed so sure
Is slipping through my hands
The love we once felt, it seemed so long ago
If we can't hold on, then
we've got to let it go..

And this is how it is now
No more looking back
Love has finally left us
And it's gone away
No it wasn't meant to stay

We've walked an endless road
Paved with awful lies
We couldn't find the key
to open up our eyes
Together, forever wasn't meant to be
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we've got to let it go


We seem to have it all, but
couldn't find the strength
no more
To hold on to the dream we've shared
If we can't hold on then
we've got to let it go
Will it ever come aroud
No I just don't know

And this is how it is now
No more looking back
Love has finally left us
And it's gone away
And it hurts me more each day
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Lyrics to This is how it is
by Twarres

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