Lyrics to I Ain't the One
by Twista

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[edit]Song titleI Ain't the One
[edit]Artist nameTwista
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hype-D verse 1
Yo lemme murk that till you got a hurt back show
ya where tha crib at drink that krytonite you know
I'm aight I will take a fight so niggaz don't fuck
with me take ya flight home to ya mansion dome
call up my phone lemme hit up ya cell girl ill
never fail, never bail, when I come in I make
all tha girls wag they tail so go away I'm here
forever more than ya chain hangin down to ya
teveria So you know its Hype-d, roc in tha place
Find more similar lyrics on be you know me ya know who we be I can throw up
a verse and steal ya purse I'm 14and I may curse o
well who gives a shit now kung pow kick yo ass cuz
nigga I'm fast better than tha last and better than
ever I'm here for ever so.....hey hoe say no mo
drop that thing to tha floor and shut tha door man
I'm back so put it in ya book cuz nigga I'm ready to
cook I kill you crooks as I said, hype-d roc in
tha place to be twista tell em
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Lyrics to I Ain't the One
by Twista

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