Lyrics to Monster
by Twiztid

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[edit]Song titleMonster
[edit]Artist nameTwiztid
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Fuck you and you're platinum chains
I'd rather rip out your intestines and
wear it on my neck just the same
Making a charm outta ya Brain
And having the gall to give it away
To ya moms and pops in a box marked remains

Blood Stains these veins and
the way that I can only explain
is it insane
The world's gonna celebrate when I hang
And I just hope that it's on T.V. like Saddam Hussien
And I just hope that you could be me for just one day
Then you would get a better sense
of what the fuck I say
I said
Bitches ain't shit,
God Bless the dead,
And fuck every last bitch that
won't give up some head
I smoke 15 packs in a day and I'm getting worried now
Cause everytime I cough my hearing is getting blurry

I ain't a hater, player
Just ain't no suckers allowed
And you and that bitch that was dancing
are just way outta bounds

It came in the dark where most were fast asleep
Creeping, aching for blood
Down bellow the streets
If you get caught in the gaze of his evil eyes
You will know true horror as your body slowly dies

Yo black magic devil horns
Wake the devil, we perform
We'll weigh more bodies and dead by dawn
Ill child, Black label Society
We exact wild on you bitches so
live in fear of the enemy
My conciense told me let it be
But vengence had a remedy to kill'em all
And split up they atoms just like it's chemistry
And scratch skin from ya face like a plastic surgeon
And leave ya twitching in pain,
screaming behind the curtain
Find more similar lyrics on'm for certain with a look like
bloody-face uncle frank
Most of these home grown killas
Claiming that they dank
When thay shit ready to sink
Board a log Like monster tombs
But were in mid transformation,
alive inside of cacoons
Nursing the wounds, in many
battles, turn cities to tombs
Growin close to the end
So what the fuck we got to lose?
Straight killas with enough ammunition
to take the planet to war
Most of these villians don't even
know what they dying for
I can't stop it
I can't stop it
I can't stop it
I can't stop it
I can't stop it
I can't stop it
I can't stop it
Site of the blood makes me wicked
Takes me to another place
Falling in love, can't be controlled
But I know that it's bound to change
All of my life and all of the time, the
chemicals are a friend of me
Can't be controlled and search in result
The monster's got the best of me

And I will choke and stab and
seperate the feelings from me
Until they're all gone like none
of them ever belonged
As I continue to change in search of the
things that I really wanna be
Although the journey's long I
keep repeating this song

It's not a fear
The monster is alive and in me
But I pray
I pray to the lord every night i go to sleep
It's not a fear
And if I should die before I awake
But I pray
I pray to the lord my soul be afraid
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Lyrics to Monster
by Twiztid

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