Lyrics to Requiem
by Two Witches

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[edit]Song titleRequiem
[edit]Artist nameTwo Witches
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The night whispered a distant dream
The ashes fell to dust
An innocent; A deathly scream
Another dead - for my bloodlust

Oh cursed life; Eternity
Tied; My fleshbound soul
Pray a prayer to set me free
I'm weary of this wretched role

Delived us from evil
Forgive us for our sins
For we are gods creation
Condemmed and chained by him

A million lives lay shattered
Laid to rest beneath a stone
But all that really mattered
Was that they had found a home

Find more similar lyrics on the dead are always smiling
Free now from the past
Love and envy for who I'm killing
I know they're happy in peace at last

Delived us from evil
Forgive us for our sins
For we are gods creation
Condemmed and chained by him

I beg thee judge me kindly
I beg thee set me free
Banish me from this world
I crave the true eternity

Delived us from evil
Forgive us for our sins
For we are gods creation
Condemmed and chained by him
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Lyrics to Requiem
by Two Witches

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