Lyrics to You Have to Learn to Live Alone
by Tycoon

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[edit]Song titleYou Have to Learn to Live Alone
[edit]Artist nameTycoon
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Paroles de Tim RICE -
Musique de Michel BERGER
We sleep together, close and warm
We calm each other through the storm
We set up home, but in a while
We're tempted by another's smile
When it's all played out
If the truth were known
You have to learn to live alone
We dance around the fading light
You hold me closer every night
You fell in love but I did not
But in the end you're all I've got
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When the truth is known
You have to learn to live alone
We fly around the world too fast
We cannot make a moment last
We love the crowd, we sing and play
We do it all, we get our way
When it's all played out
When the birds have flown
When we're all played out
If the truth were known
You have to learn to live alone
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Lyrics to You Have to Learn to Live Alone
by Tycoon

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