Lyrics to Backstreet Loner
by U. D. O.

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[edit]Song titleBackstreet Loner
[edit]Artist nameU. D. O.
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I lit another cigarette
She did a little pirouette
No friend of mine - a dollar's fine
A cruel world - when you
cross this line

The masquerade is over
The mask - it fades away
Like a backstreet loner
No need to be afraid

In Johnny Nofinger's bar
I travelled so far
I've been to all those places

Just a shot on the bar
A cheap cigar
And all the dead-eyed faces

Hold down the fever
Find more similar lyrics on't you cross the line
Hold down the fever
Stop yourself in time

Never step on the ride
Just take my advice
I've suffered all the seasons

Feel it coming again
I paid the price
There's no rhyme - no reason

Hold down the fever, ...

When masquerades are over
The show will fade away
You'll be a backstreet loner
You better be afraid

Hold down the fever, ...
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Lyrics to Backstreet Loner
by U. D. O.

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