Lyrics to Music so Nice
by Ub40

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[edit]Song titleMusic so Nice
[edit]Artist nameUb40
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When the dancehall jus' ram, some people call it
confinement But if you're with your woman or your
man, it's pure excitement When you see the girls
groove, they get right in the mood for loving And
if the weedman in the place, there's no time for
pushing and shoving

You see the dj on the scene, he knows just what
you mean about rubbing And when you're feeling
alright, he's right out of sight while he's

Well the dancehall jus' ram, so you see we're
dealing with pure niceness And the music so loud
that to shout above it, you'd be left voiceless

Find more similar lyrics on music so right We could have danced all night
The feeling so nice Operator play it twice

They have the reggae and soul and the ital vital
dub plate riddims They have revival 45, calypso,
soca, and all kind'a riddim

You see the busy barman in the dance, he's used to
dealing under nuff pressure And after you've had
your drink, you're gonna need another refresher

Everybody in the dance just grooving, looking
laughing and smiling you see So if you're feeling
irie little darling come and have a dance over by
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Lyrics to Music so Nice
by Ub40

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