Lyrics to Where did I go Wrong
by Ub40

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[edit]Song titleWhere did I go Wrong
[edit]Artist nameUb40
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm sitting here praying that you weren't just saying
Leaving tomorrow was what you had planned
No point in pretending, I know that it's ending
I just want to know where the ending began


Where did I go wrong to make it like this
No warmth in your body, no touch in your Kiss
Holding you now, hurts more than it should
If I let you go, girl, you'll be gone for good

I thought you had saved me, the love that you gave me
The sweetest loving in all of the land
But you've taken my heart, and you've torn it apart
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Where did I go wrong.......(Etc)

There's nothin' worth sayin', I know you're not staying
Might as well face it, it's out of my hand
No point in pretending, I know that it's ending
I just want to know where the ending began


Where did I go wrong........(Etc)
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Lyrics to Where did I go Wrong
by Ub40

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