Lyrics to Sympathy
by Ufo

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[edit]Song titleSympathy
[edit]Artist nameUfo
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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So you've seen the
sunrise on the Nile
solved the mystery of the
mona lisa's smile
you proclaim your innocence
what you saying
makes no sense to me at all

So you help the needy and the sick
heard confessions of a lunatic
my eyes are growing dim
ghost shadows closing in
around me now

and there ain't no sympathy at all
just a sea of angry faces
staring at me
there ain't no sympathy at all
I gotta find someone
to make me happy

so you've scattered
roses at Versailles
Find more similar lyrics on a teardrop from
an old man's eye
seeing you in such distress
I'm afraid I must confess
that boys don't cry

and there ain't no sympathy at all
just a sea of angry faces
staring at me
there ain't no sympathy at all
I gotta find someone
to make me happy


and there ain't no sympathy at all
just a sea of angry faces
staring at me
there ain't no sympathy at all
I gotta find someone,
gotta find someone,
gotta find someone
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Lyrics to Sympathy
by Ufo

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