Lyrics to Neighbor
by Ugly Kid Joe

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[edit]Song titleNeighbor
[edit]Artist nameUgly Kid Joe
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sittin´in your front yard , drinki´n lemonade
Suburban life,a pretty wife
you think you´ve got it made
But U don´t know,what´s in the store,
for U and your family
I´m movin´in,right next door,won´t U welcome me?

It´s a beautiful day in the neighborhood
And I hope I didn´t ruin your day
Won´t U be my neighbor?

I brought my life,my ugly wife,
my dirty dog with fleas
My kid´s a punk,and I´m drunk,
this I´m sure you´ll see
Yeah U don´t know,what it´s
like,to live in misery
Welome to,home sweet hell
dissatisfaction guaranteed

It´s a beautiful day in the neighborhood
And if I could i surely would
Invite you in say
Won´t U be my neighbour?
Won´t U be my neighbour?
Won´t U be my neighbour?
Find more similar lyrics on´t U be my neighbour?

C´mon I don´t think U´ll find
A place to live peace of mind
You´re gonna live in misery
When U´re livin´next to me!

It´s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.......
Raaaah! Won´t U be my,won´t U
be my funky neighbour?!

Well i drink,and I stink,I
smoke,yeah I´m a joke!
I try all night and day to get a piece of
the action,a--aaa!

Now I know just what are U´re thinkin
Ít could be U out´n´ U´re drinkin
So don´t U knock it until U try it
It could be U in a little while!
I hope I didn´t ruin your day!

It´s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood
I dig your wife,she sure is good
It´s a beautiful day in the
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Lyrics to Neighbor
by Ugly Kid Joe

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