Lyrics to Carved in Stone
by Ulcus

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[edit]Song titleCarved in Stone
[edit]Artist nameUlcus
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Time flies by, while souls meet and drift through
existence. Our lives coalesce, through acts,
touch, and intimacy. We await the future to fulfil
our hopes and expectations. But somehow we neglect
what the past has brought, to easily we forget.

The plague from ignorance will lead to the
downfall of man.

Stories and mysteries from olden times, are signs
of what will come. The future is a result of the
past and present, the legacy of our ancestors
carved in stone. Can't we see how its been
bleeding? Can't we read the signs from the past?
Can't we see how it's all repeating? Consumed by
time, what will last?

Find more similar lyrics on the screams of the tawny owl, a certain sign
of death. Beware of the howling wolf, roaming
through night for a pray. The raven stretches its
claws, sharpened to attack. Creating a mood of
fear, the dreaded griefbringer in black. The
sorcery of the night's creatures, an omen of what
will come. Lack of faith in olden wisdom, spawns
the doom of our lifeform.

The plague from ignorance will lead to the
downfall of man.

Respect must be earned, while learning comes
through listening. By acting what you're taught
you respect what has been. Much is told, but more
is forgotten. When the tales are ignored, our
legacy will rotten.
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Lyrics to Carved in Stone
by Ulcus

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