Lyrics to Black Banner of Pride
by Ulfhethnar

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[edit]Song titleBlack Banner of Pride
[edit]Artist nameUlfhethnar
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Where summits collide and streams turn to ice
Where night drips damp blood and thick clouds wage
war Where lands are aghast and shades spread afar
There we erect our black banner of pride. Where
soil is too low and mist covers all Where foul
corpses pile and life turns to dust Where mankind
is scum and pestilence reigns There we still fight
Find more similar lyrics on our banner of pride. Where a base stinking
race holds the reins of all ours Where weak dogmas
stretch their domes to the skies And vile social
thoughts trample hierarchies down There war shall
wield our black banner of pride. Battle for those
of us who are still proud men Triumph for those
who hold the black standard high.
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Lyrics to Black Banner of Pride
by Ulfhethnar

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