Lyrics to I'm Prepared to die
by Undercroft

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[edit]Song titleI'm Prepared to die
[edit]Artist nameUndercroft
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Come back to the center of flames and await
For diabolical magic again
Burning my eyes and burning my soul
And burning my fucking bieng
No heaven's god can stop me...
And suicide is for me !
Hell's undercrofts call for me...
I'll be reborn from fire !!!
I spit the water of life on
the pentagram circle
Of this blasphemous rite !
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nauseous smell of sulfur and flesh !
No heaven's god can stop me...
And suicide is for me !
Hell's undercrofts call for me...
I'll be reborn from hell !!!
Cracking my mind and piercing my body with
Nasty pleasures and rage
I write the forgotten symbols with my bloody
In my ultimate grave !!!
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Lyrics to I'm Prepared to die
by Undercroft

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