Lyrics to Giving up Hurts the Most
by Underoath

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[edit]Song titleGiving up Hurts the Most
[edit]Artist nameUnderoath
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Angels mourn; crying, praying for your soul.

As my eyes open from their state of sleep,
I feel my blood turn into a frozen river.
Nightmares told me
Death was in the air.
My heart locked shut, and I gave you the key
Promise never, never to leave!
As lies hold me and this emptiness fills my broken heart.
Screaming your name hoping for a response.
Summer, drowned by WINTER!
To look in your face AND realized the time we SPENT
The chances I HAD...
...Have drifted away from my fingertips,
Your life, your thoughts, your dreams, your love.
Never tried my hardest and now I pray as the hurt enters.
I LOVE YOU, and I still love you;
Even though I... Even though I never showed it

A piece of me is gone forever.
Clutching memories held so close.
Repeating words of love spoken too late.

Find more similar lyrics on eyes look all around, but all
they can focus on is you, for in
you, I find me)

Days pass by and thy death still lingers.
This coldness will never satisfy me.
I want to be surrounded by angels,
In a place where the sun is so warm,
It burns my insides.

Surrounded by angels. Surrounded by angels.
Where love takes my darkest depressions...
And throws it into the deepest sea.
A place I can call home, I'm crying to you, Jesus
Mend me, break me, make me.
You're all I've got now.

(My eyes look all around, but all
they can focus on is you, for in
you I find me.
Farewell my friend, your time has come.
And never will I be able to tell you
"I love you" again....)
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Lyrics to Giving up Hurts the Most
by Underoath

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