Lyrics to The Sin of Pride
by The Undertones

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[edit]Song titleThe Sin of Pride
[edit]Artist nameThe Undertones
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The sin of pride keeps me from walking away - don't walk away
To join the lines of gods who think of nothing to say - think what to say

The talk of war won't scare my intentions away - don't walk away
But talk of love and kiss these ribbons today - think what to say

The cost of love might make these presents seem small - don't walk away
But with the thoughts inside that wouldn't matter at all - think what to say

And I've lost all my friends to be yours
But pride'll still meet me I'm sure
And stop me from feeling so hurt

Pride'll still meet
Find more similar lyrics on my love - come closer love
To want me - come closer love
Keeping that love - come closer love
Just for me - come closer love

I've lost ...

The sin of pride keeps me from walking away - don't walk away
But keeps inside the things I wanted to say - think what to say

A look of love leads me from hate to despair - don't walk away
I look at love it says I shouldn't be there - think what to say

So she goes again
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Lyrics to The Sin of Pride
by The Undertones

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