Lyrics to Ever Since
by Unicorn

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[edit]Song titleEver Since
[edit]Artist nameUnicorn
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music by Unicorn, Lyrics by Dan Swanæ/Unicorn

Sitting here alone, waiting for someone to
take me away from loneliness
And I wonder for how long do I have to
wait for someone to caress?

And though I dream of love it's so hard to define.
And there's noone around that I want
to be mine, to be mine.

And Ever Since the rain fell on my lonely heart
I realize that there's no cure for love.
And ever since the wind blew through my
tiny soul I wonder who will
I be dreaming of?
Be dreaming of.

Just another day, feeling just the same
because someone put out my only flame.
And I know by now that all clich©s,
they have a meaning in this empty space.

I try to concentrate and sort out who I need.
But noone's there to fill the heart that I must feed.
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Ever since the rain fell from the skies
of hope my eyes are filled with tears that
soon will flow.
And ever since the wind blew thru my tiny soul.
I realize the way that I must go.

And I found a way to follow.
It led me to another view.
Love had found a clue.

Somewhere down the lonely road she came passing by.
I no longer feel the rain falling from the sky.
Now I'm king and she's my queen.
We have gained the throne.
Now the fields are evergreen.
My heart is not alone.

Now the rain has gone away and the sky is clear and blue.
The sun's been shining since the day,
the day that I found you.
You're the meaning of my life, the one that makes me sign.
Since the day you dried my heart.
You are everything!
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Lyrics to Ever Since
by Unicorn

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