Lyrics to Stick
by Unjust

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[edit]Song titleStick
[edit]Artist nameUnjust
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1
Lost burning beds, nights we shared
Forced favors, my creations
Life's candy...

Thoughts turned to stains,
Reeled into your side
More than ever, Lost the Pleasures
You will leave lost

Stick, Stick, Stick inside again!

See your eyes open wide...
Seen your head closed

Verse 2
Times and times again,
reached for your loose
Find more similar lyrics on to others. Low pretensions
Truths to me

Look inside your head,
release you cruel dead
Core the center, chalked forever.
You will leave lost


See your eyes open wide...
Seen your head closed

Your lips empty now, what is real
Felt your shade so cold.

Cut off the heart flow...
left me dead.
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Lyrics to Stick
by Unjust

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