Lyrics to Time to Live
by Uriah Heep

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[edit]Song titleTime to Live
[edit]Artist nameUriah Heep
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Let me see the sunshine, let me feel the rain
Let me go, where I wanna go
Well I wanna smell the flowers, see the dawn again
Find those friends I used to know
Find those friends I used to know

Well I spent twenty long years in a dirty old prison cell
I never saw the light of day
If you could understand, oh that kind of livin' hell
That's the price I have to pay, oh yeah
That's the price I have to pay

They said, "I killed a man" but I never told them, why?
So you can guess what I've been through
Find more similar lyrics on so for twenty long years I've been thinkin' of that other guy
And what I saw him do to you
What I saw him do to you, listen

So when tomorrow comes and I walk outside that door
Try to understand the strain
But if you smile that smile, I know I couldn't ask for more
I know I'd do it all again, yes I will
I know I'd do it all again

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah
Do it all again, do it all again
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Lyrics to Time to Live
by Uriah Heep

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