Lyrics to Why
by Uriah Heep

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[edit]Song titleWhy
[edit]Artist nameUriah Heep
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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thought of no tomorrow
the pain tears of sorrow
and you never told me why
the way you cheated
and mistreated
i could never ask you why
but i'm gonna find out, i'm gonna find out
whats been messig up your mind, messing up your mind
well i've been through some changes now im leavin'
while my mind rearranges why i'm grievin'
i don't mean that you hurt me, or deceive me
for i know that your there and you need me
you sure do, but i know
you can't see how it is
i can't stay any longer i've got to go
is there any true reason?
or anything i can explain
Find more similar lyrics on't we talk about it baby and be together again
you see i have the feelin' that this isn't the end
and i feel on you i depend, i depend on you
i'm gonna find out, i'm gonna find out,
whats been messing up your mind
when i said that i love you and i need you
that means i'm yours, yes i belong to you
,but i just cant be certain that you love me too
now i got to know if i can believe in you
please believe that my heart is yours
i can't stay any longer. i got to go
perhaps its best for us to stay together
and try to live our life as one
and maye we'll find were still
together to watch the setting of the
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Lyrics to Why
by Uriah Heep

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