Lyrics to A Year to Forget
by Useless Id

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[edit]Song titleA Year to Forget
[edit]Artist nameUseless Id
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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return back home after three months on the road
i know that it's time to piece my puzzled life into an ordinary frame
life goes on but for me it seems to go the other way
nothing worked out for a while then it all just seemed to change

looking hard for the easy way to get away from it
another year has gone by and i feel that i've slept through it all
i'll be gone like the thieve that's on the run
who's got the world in his hands and is trying
to get away from everyone he knows

thinking back to a time when i was moving here
leaving it all behind to start again
and it is all these lessons that i haven't learned
one day i will...

searching for you until you ripped my life into another piece
Find more similar lyrics on meant nothing for a while, back then i just thought that way
some feeling changed but i'm better off this way when i'm without you
just because i know whoever is with you is going through the same

thinking back to a time when i was moving here
leaving it all behind to start again
and it is all these lessons that i haven't learned
one day i will... so tell me

when will i find the path that is meant for me
i know that it's out there and it'll always be
for now i can just try to figure it out
what this situation is all about

life goes on and one day it will move on without us
but i'll have my faith, someday i'll move on to something more
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Lyrics to A Year to Forget
by Useless Id

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