Lyrics to When the sun and Stars Refuse to Shine
by Valley's Eve

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[edit]Song titleWhen the sun and Stars Refuse to Shine
[edit]Artist nameValley's Eve
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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At the edge of time
In the boundless universe
A fire is burning
It will swallow you
Come to me, an inner voice
The veiw of an angel looking in the distance
You have seen it
The alchemy of the divine
habits on the humanity
Dark deeds, circling around you
At the end of the time
The sun will refuse to shine
At the end of all time
The stars will never shine
again Burning witches
Sisters of the darkness
Where the doub is reigning
Wickedness against pardon
Good-nature for false wisdom
Sisters in a dance, lost in eternity
Find more similar lyrics on down into chaos The
people entangled, defended
And thirsty counties
The dead at the front-line
Antiphagy of the few
Our doubt for tomorrow The
sun, refuse to shine
the stars, defrosting the august
Doubt will banish yourself into eternity
Greed will blind you
The unscrupelous, going to the
End with sword and fire
All fates, ignoring you
All fates, killing you
And your never-ending pain The
sun, refuse to shine
the stars, defrosting the august
All fates, ignoring you
All fates, killing you
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Lyrics to When the sun and Stars Refuse to Shine
by Valley's Eve

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