Lyrics to Darkness, Swallows - me
by Vampiria

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[edit]Song titleDarkness, Swallows - me
[edit]Artist nameVampiria
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The gray wind heats my face, and pestilence that I
smell moving me, death I bring, death I leave
seems to whisper and my soul back to feeling lost.
Whimpering souls lash my body, dragged by the dark
ancestral wind. If this was a dream I don't want
to awake, still its memory will be impossible to
Find more similar lyrics on Darkness, Swallows - me!... Darkness,
Swallows - me! Now the truth is accepted by me,
only remains resignation, everything arond me lost
its colour I'm one more soul dragged by the gray
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Lyrics to Darkness, Swallows - me
by Vampiria

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