Lyrics to Runnin' with the Devil
by Van Halen

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[edit]Song titleRunnin' with the Devil
[edit]Artist nameVan Halen
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I live my life like there's no tomorrow And all
I've got I had to steal Least I don't need to beg
or borrow Yes I'm living at a pace that
kills Runnin' with the devil Runnin' with the
devil I found the simple life ain't so simple When
I jumped out on that road I got no love, no love
you'd call real Ain't got nobody waiting at
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devil You know I, I found the simple life, weren't
so simple, no When I jumped out on that road Got
no love, no love you'd call real Got nobody
waiting at home Runnin' with the devil Runnin'
with the devil Runnin' with the devil Runnin' with
the devil 
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Lyrics to Runnin' with the Devil
by Van Halen

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