Lyrics to Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
by Van Morrison

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[edit]Song titleGoodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
[edit]Artist nameVan Morrison
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Goodbye baby, so long girl
I know you ain't gonna like it
But I'm stepping right
Out in your world

But I'm coming to your party
And I won't be able to stay
But I'm gonna kiss you
One more time then I'm going away

Goodbye baby, hmm
Baby goodbye

You made lonely
Yeah, you made me hurt
Just like a fool I gave you candy
And you fed me dirt

But I'm coming to your party
And just before the break of day
I'm gonna touch you
One more time then I'm going away
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Goodbye baby, goodbye
Baby goodbye, hmm

I see that train a-coming, down the long lonely track
Girl, you know I gotta go on home now
But deep down in your heart
You know that I'm coming back

And I'm gonna look for you at your party
'Cause all the time I know I'll find you there
And I'm gonna dance with you
One more time, oh yeah

Goodbye baby
Baby goodbye
(Sing it to me one more time)

Goodbye baby
(See you around sometime)
Baby goodbye
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Lyrics to Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
by Van Morrison

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