Lyrics to Professional Jealousy
by Van Morrison

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[edit]Song titleProfessional Jealousy
[edit]Artist nameVan Morrison
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Professional jealousy can bring down a nation
And personal invasion can ruin a man
Not even his family will understand what's happening
The price that he's paying or even the pain

Professional jealousy started a rumor
And then it extended to be more abuse
What started out as just black propaganda
Was one day seen to be believed as truth

They say the truth is stranger than fiction
But a lie is more deadly than sin
It can make a man very bitter and angry
When he thinks that there's someone, is going to win

Find more similar lyrics on jealousy makes other people crazy
When they think you've got something that they don't have
What they don't understand is it's just not easy
To cover it all and stand where you stand

Professional jealousy makes no exception
It can happen to anyone at any time
The only requirement is knowing what's needed
And then delivering what's needed on time

The only requirement is to know what is needed
In doing the best you know how, deliver on time
The only requirement is to know what is needed
Be best at delivering the product on time
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Lyrics to Professional Jealousy
by Van Morrison

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