Lyrics to Rosta man
by Vanilla Ice

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[edit]Song titleRosta man
[edit]Artist nameVanilla Ice
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Vanilla Ice, W. Stallings, Craig Pride)

Strictly from the islands, Vanilla Ice
The man jam down reggae music
Mash it up Ice, Mash it

I got the rhyme to keep the body pumpin'
Turn the party out while the people are jumpin'
Reggae style at the top of my list
Is hitting real hard like Mike Tyson's fist
It is so good that the girlies goin' crazy
Vanilla's on the mic and you know I'm not lazy
I'm pumpin' up the lyrics in a smooth way
I drop 'em like a bum rush much as what we say
The other MC's try to duplicate
But with the Rosta man they just mediate

Rosta man you be jammin' so smooth
You rockin' on the mic and you can only improve
Rosta man you know you sound so sweet
I like the way you put the lyrics to the funky beat
Ah rae rue, re rae rah
Reggae rock has the style to chase the blues away
Ah rae rue, re rae rah
Reggae rock has the style to chase the blues away

Me and I, myself and you
The Rosta man, DeShay and the rest of my crew
Reggae music's been around for a while
Vanilla Ice is doin' it the hip hop style
Because this is the one that we call the rae rue
Everybody out there you know just what to do
Find more similar lyrics on clap your hands and stomp your feet
Move around to the sound of the reggae beat
No push, no fall, no shove, no trip
The Rosta man wants you get with it

(Repeat chorus)

Well the people out there let me hear you scream
If you want to get down and you want to be seen
Then jump up my man, do the Rosta man
Move your head up and down to the reggae jam
Just shake your arms and move your hips
All you females out there let me shake your
And just get down like you're makin' love
All you people who believe in God above

(Repeat chorus)

From the ah rae rue, the re rae rah
The Jack Tar village in Jamaica
Ocho Rios or the way to Kingston
If we go back to the homeland again
Back on tour from city to city
Rollin' with the girls with the big, big ahhh...
Pity the fool who step it to me
I drop 'em like a fly, I better get the flea

(Repeat chorus)

Produced by Wayne Stallings and Darryl Williams
Published by T.C. & Floyd Music/Ice
Baby Music/QPM Music (BMI)
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Lyrics to Rosta man
by Vanilla Ice

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