Lyrics to I Will Awake
by Vanishing Point

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[edit]Song titleI Will Awake
[edit]Artist nameVanishing Point
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In the silence I hear a call
A childlike cry of innocence
Overcome by a guiding light,
but I just want to rest

Cascading shadows appear
Breaking through a whirpool
of broken dreams
A merciless hand wipes the tears
from my eyes as whispers
turn into screams

As I close my eyes
The vivid rain, enclouds my momory
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I will rise so easily
As i close my eyes outside the world,
lies in yesterday
If I'm dreaming I will wake

Breaking promises, breaking hearts
A mind has been led astray
Alone you walk a misguided path
that no-one dares to stay
Can I bring something back
with me to show I was really there?
And as I awake beside myself
lost within my stare
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Lyrics to I Will Awake
by Vanishing Point

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