Lyrics to Go on
by Various Artists

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[edit]Song titleGo on
[edit]Artist nameVarious Artists
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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George Strait---Go On

I'm so sorry, I keep interrupting
What were you gonna say
You caught him cheating, I
don't blame you

For walking away
I know where you're coming
from, it sounds like where
I've been
Oh there I go interrupting
your story once again.

Go on, go on
You were saying how a fool can
only fool you so long.
It's true, it's so true
When they do you like that,
what else can you do
But go on

Verse 2
Our conversation won't change nothing,
But it's sure nice to talk
With somebody whose been cut of
The same old cloth
You know how you said
happiness can't be found
looking back
If you don't mind maybe
Find more similar lyrics on can talk a little more
about that.

Chorus 2
Go on, go on
You were saying this is better
than sitting at home.
It's true, it's so true
When they do you like that,
what else can you do

But go on

Even when you see no reason to
Don't wait to live life cause
it won't wait for you.

Chorus 3
Go on, please go on
You were saying what don't kill
us only makes us strong

It's true, that's so true
When they do you like that
what else can you do

But go on,
Just go on,
Life goes on,
And on.
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Lyrics to Go on
by Various Artists

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