Lyrics to I Didn't Kill Her
by Vehemence

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[edit]Song titleI Didn't Kill Her
[edit]Artist nameVehemence
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The sunlight fading as air cools from blistering day
Stars appear in the dusken sky, invoking urgent senses
The breeze wafts fragrance of passion and winter forgotten

Moving forward through rusted iron gates
rediscovering distant lost memories
Minutes flying by as the scene darkens
Scurrying across dew soaked greenery
Unearthing freshly planted arrangements

Beads of sweat stream into my wildly rolling eyes, burning
Causing my vision to take on kaleidoscopic characteristics
The view is so inspiring as my target is now in blurred sight
Her name written so eloquently, I cannot bear the suspense

As I open the earth.....
Tearing though the ground.....

As I penetrate the earth
My skin is soiled and raw...digging
Fingernails snap off from misuse
The blood flows early tonight...

Through The Earth
Six Feet Down
Fresh Young Corpse
I Grow Aroused
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My shaking bloodied hand scrapes the finished wood
As I punch furiously on her box,
I first see a crack, then it starts to widen
Smashing through the cheap coffin, I drag her body up...

Laying her across the dirt, her crucifix glimmers
Upon her silky breasts, cold and hard from the cruel earth
Laying myself on top of her, to try and warm the flesh
Feeling her tight ass, my hands probe between her legs
Forcing my fingers into her, I kiss her blue lips
Remembering how she felt when alive, now even better!!!

Her father, an evil man, he wanted to destroy her
Constantly fucking her, and warping her mind
My love for her the strongest she'd felt
Right under the love for her Jesus...

But now we see what-Jesus did for her
Her body is mine-He can have her soul
Such short time alive-Short to her was good

As distant voices start closing in, I hasten the procedure
Her body replaced into the ground, to be saved for later
Earth filled in hastily as I flee form the graveyard
But the fact that makes this all right, I didn't kill her....
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Lyrics to I Didn't Kill Her
by Vehemence

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