Lyrics to Strong
by Velvet Chain

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[edit]Song titleStrong
[edit]Artist nameVelvet Chain
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Words: J. Stacy
Music: J. Stacy/E. Amato

Baby I see - You're vulnerable to me
That's your power over me

Baby, baby, I know - It's always been so
Physical love is oh so meaningful for you

You write love letters to me - strong
You know how to talk to me - so strong

Find more similar lyrics on, I'm yours - you know
Because you're so, so strong

You would fight for me
You would starve for me
You would suffer for me
You would die for me
Well, I feel the same way too
You know I feel that way about you

I know you're mad about me
You've shown me because you're so, so strong
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Lyrics to Strong
by Velvet Chain

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