Lyrics to For a Brother
by Velvet Revolver

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[edit]Song titleFor a Brother
[edit]Artist nameVelvet Revolver
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Can't rise from the bottom
Time flies when you got it
Your time has receded, wasted
Could and should have been, didn't

I've given up my hand for a brother
I've given up a hand for free
I've risen and forgiven and I've pardoned
But you set yourself free

Nose dive, crash to the bottom
Angel, your wing was always broken
Fought for rights of the prophets
Not for the spirit of your daughters, didn't

I've given up my hand for a brother
I've given up a hand for free
I've risen and forgiven and I've pardoned
But you set yourself free

You walk slowly, seems like time's stopped
Find more similar lyrics on like I'm slow dancing but I'm flying
Where do I go? The home I know is closed
I'm free, free, yeah, I'm free, free, yeah, free, free, yeah

I've given up my hand for a brother
I've given up a hand for free
I've risen and forgiven and I've pardoned
But you set yourself free

I've bitten off my hand for the stuff
And livin' off the shit you steal
Perished for religious and forgotten
Daughters that you couldn't see

Given up my hand
(You set yourself free)
Given up a hand for free
Given up my hand
(You set yourself free)
But you set yourself free
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Lyrics to For a Brother
by Velvet Revolver

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