Lyrics to All Cried out
by Vendetta Red

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[edit]Song titleAll Cried out
[edit]Artist nameVendetta Red
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Turn your back on your past make your mark with a
crime that lasts 'Guns don't kill..." but
bullets do and I've been saving one for you Hold
me down I can feel a seizure coming think I took
too much marazine Saw blade bits tearing tendons
from your neck like so much knives through bread
Find more similar lyrics on you head sags and falls to the ground cashmere
crush covered in smoke I'm All Cried Out Soldiers
march a red sunset blood soaked babies on bayonets
The flag still waves for all to see like moonlight
on my machete
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Lyrics to All Cried out
by Vendetta Red

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