Lyrics to Women Leather and Hell
by Venom

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[edit]Song titleWomen Leather and Hell
[edit]Artist nameVenom
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Stand aside, loose your pride
I'm at the gates alone
Sourcery, blasphemy
All welcome in my home
I'm leaving
But soon I'm coming back
Believe me
I'm hot on your tracks

Through the night
Eagles flight
The Angels kiss my brow
Tempting me with studded heels
The bitch is in heat now
Oh you've got me
That leather smells so sweet
Find more similar lyrics on'm on fire
Breeding sin, breathing lust
Witches spell ohhh...

Women Leather and Hell

Go for it
Come on turn that mother up

Dynamite, is right on time
Sends shivers down my spine
Destiny won't catch me
The choice of death is mine
Salvation is keeping out of sight
Damnation is joining in the fight
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Lyrics to Women Leather and Hell
by Venom

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