Lyrics to He Said, she Said
by Vice Squad

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[edit]Song titleHe Said, she Said
[edit]Artist nameVice Squad
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Do you ever stop to consider
All the damage that you do
When all your wicked whispers just ain't true

Can't turn my back incase you bite
Face to face you lose the fight
Your mind is closed - your mouth is open wide

He said, she said - He said, she said

Another lie to push us under
Your false witness takes the stand
He said, she said selling slander
Oh oh oh oh..

Find more similar lyrics on it ever make you wonder
If it's all just jealousy
Makes you sneer at what you'll never be

Got a bitter twisted tongue
You like to bad mouth everyone
Stirring trouble's your idea of fun

He said, she said - He said, she said

A love life of pure fabrication
Dine out on exaggeration
For dessert have someone's reputation

He said, she said - He said, she said
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Lyrics to He Said, she Said
by Vice Squad

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