Lyrics to Someone else
by Vice Squad

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[edit]Song titleSomeone else
[edit]Artist nameVice Squad
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I try to get my foot on the ladder
try climbing up the greasy pole
one step forward, ten steps backwards
retrograde rock 'n' roll

It's so hard living on the breadline
harder still if you're stuck below
lose your mind in the daily grind
oh what a way to go

Someone else has all our money
someone else is cashing in
Find more similar lyrics on's no policy
for hangers on and middle men

So keep your mouth shut and just listen
everybody's standing still
you telephone your words of wisdom
but words won't pay my bills

You got where you are because of me
I'll get there inspite of you
'though I have to work ten times harder
to be told I'm half as good
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Lyrics to Someone else
by Vice Squad

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