Lyrics to Hope on Fire
by Vienna Teng

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[edit]Song titleHope on Fire
[edit]Artist nameVienna Teng
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Gotta fight gotta strike
'cause there's no turning away
From what you don't want to know
Gotta see gotta be
If they're all going astray
Don't let them take you in tow

You're a one-man shift in the weather
You're the woman who just won't sell
Climbing up and ringing the bell

Ooh you're gonna make your mark this time
Ooh you're gonna set your hope on fire

Gotta leave gotta bleed
You've gotta stop lying still
Find more similar lyrics on'cause this is no kind of life
You don't need guarantees
You just want something to build
Before you turn to the knife

When the streets are aflood like a fever
It's a holiday of the new
We're coming closer now to the truth

Gotta move gotta choose
You've got a difference to make
Don't watch it happen again
Gotta change rearrange
Something's bending to break
It's just a matter of when
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Lyrics to Hope on Fire
by Vienna Teng

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