Lyrics to Aborted (the Fetus)
by Vile

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[edit]Song titleAborted (the Fetus)
[edit]Artist nameVile
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She lives a life of pleasure and sin
She dug the hole she'd soon be in
Crawled around in filth
Lost her soul in the gutter

Like fire through her veins it rages
The life inside her is wasted
There's no pain, there's no love
Too great to keep her will
Behind the alley inside a dump
Abort her fetus, back in the run

A massive shock soon overcomes her
A burst of blood deep inside her
Infectious scars - her shredded womb
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Narcotic gaze starts to excite her
She falls prey to habit
She's on her back to spread disease
Circle of life consumes

There's no remorse, there's no regret
The life she took so she can trip again

Abort-breeders of death
Deny-the gift of life

Cuts and bruises on her head
In the gutter left for dead
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Lyrics to Aborted (the Fetus)
by Vile

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