Lyrics to Meteor
by Virginia Coalition

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[edit]Song titleMeteor
[edit]Artist nameVirginia Coalition
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Who knew that fate was so sublime?
It's not a remedy
But it keeps the embers in the fire burning strong
Though the days and the weeks grow long
Oh, you could be comforted by just how profound
One little sound I know, is quiet and ever
Together we'll watch this time unravels
We'll watch the heavens travel
And we'll be fine, and all we see
The path we choose is destiny

Meteor, calypso, I find it everywhere you go
Seen it all, 'cause I've been so
You gotta know what you're looking for
And every little way you go, it's all you know
Oh, woah your meteor, oh woah

Maybe you wrote down your name in the sand
Well I've seen better, plant
your heels in the ground
Waiting patiently, we're carved in a mountain
A penny in a fountain, the drive alone
And now you've seen silver wings
And so much faster things
Oh, oh oh, they lift you up
And you need a dream to fly
Not some paper airplane

Meteor, calypso, I find it everywhere you go
Find more similar lyrics on've seen it all, 'cause I've been so
You gotta know what you're looking for
And every little way you go, it's all you know
Oh, woah your meteor
Oh why don't you ride on, yeah
Why don't you ride on
Why don't you ride on
Oh, why don't you ride on

Let it be said that these two
Felt the awesome power and the tragedy
Of a love so real that only they could feel
Waiting patiently, they drifted
apart and then together
Like words uttered by lovers
Do you think that I'd lie to you
Woah, if something I could not do
Gonna move that wing forever
Just like a

Meteor, calypso, find it everywhere you go
I've seen it all, 'cause I've been so
You gotta know what you're looking for
And every little way you go, it's all you know
Oh, woah your meteor
Oh, why don't you ride on
Why don't you ride on
Why don't you ride on
Oh, why don't you ride on, on, on yeah, yeah
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Lyrics to Meteor
by Virginia Coalition

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