Lyrics to Quicksand
by Virginia Coalition

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[edit]Song titleQuicksand
[edit]Artist nameVirginia Coalition
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In a lonely shadow, he finds the key
Demanding light to set him free
He knows that things aren't what
they always seem to mean
See it all in a different light
You know everything you heard is true
And I'll ride off with your soul tonight
If that's alright with you

I've got half a mind to make it whole
Make it whole again
And the shadow that I'm chasing is my only friend
And I'm sinking in the quicksand
Cause I never found a place to stand
And Lord knows, finally I'm a man

Find more similar lyrics on's got souls to blame
But the shadows keep it in ache
My eyes have seen the glory
But it's lost with every step you take
Finally you'll know what's wrong
When the gift that keeps on giving's gone
But in between these mountains and you
His soul's still trying to shine again

I've got half a mind to make it whole
Make it whole again
And the shadow that I'm chasing is my only friend
We're sinking in the quicksand
Cause I never found a place to stand
And, oh, finally I'm a man
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Lyrics to Quicksand
by Virginia Coalition

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