Lyrics to Gasping...
by Visceral Bleeding

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[edit]Song titleGasping...
[edit]Artist nameVisceral Bleeding
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Knocked out cold, unconscious black
Knocked out cold, ambushed
Where am I? Head hurts
Damn, neck is stiff
Can't move
Blurry vision, can't see straight
Close my eyes, focus
Starting to regain my conscious, no memory
Trying to move but I can't, tied down to a chair

Squirming to loosen the knots but they're rock solid
The panic is starting to rise
Trying to figure out, who would imprison me?
Shadow moves swift around the room and
comes straight towards me
Lifts his hands, I try to duck to get away
He's putting something on me
Plastic bag, total panic
Cutting off all air, suffocating
Total panic, hyperventilate
Taste of blood, in my mouth
Can't move my arms, screaming out

Falling over, hit the floor, flash
before my eyes, gasping for air
Starting to feel dizzy, try to bite the plastic bag
Can't reach... life starting to slip away
I can feel my body, starting to give up
Pounding, inside my chest
Feels like i'm gonna blow
Then, suddenly, he lifts me up
Not much time left, I can feel him poking at my mouth
Poking, sticking a hole, letting me get a taste
Find more similar lyrics on, my mind is again under my control
I can hear him, at the end of the room
What the fuck is he doing?

A strike to my head
Once again knocked down
Rips up, steps back, lifts the bat
Strikes my chest, intense pain
The perpetrator laughs at me, can't
see but I know it's him
I know this psycho wants me dead
Adrenaline is working fast, I want to
crack this bastard's head
Pierce his lungs, watch him choke
I sense a smell of human death
Realize i'm not the first to suffocate
then left to rot in this room
The plastic bag sits tight and firm I
feel it's time to get it off
This cunt won't break me he will die
With furious anger I start wobbling with the chair
Feel the wood giving in, knots loosen
I will break free

Again I feel strong
Fueled by hatred and lust to slay
Picture him beaten and dead
The instant my hands are free he's
back with the baseball bat
Smashing and pounding, time must be now for attack
As I charge I feel the knife, took me by surprise
Slicing my throat, quick I die
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Lyrics to Gasping...
by Visceral Bleeding

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