Lyrics to Under the Moon's fog
by Vital Remains

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[edit]Song titleUnder the Moon's fog
[edit]Artist nameVital Remains
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Under the moon, black winds blow.....
Onto the sands, warriors have died.....
To the most Northern forest mountain.....
Our victory is ours, under the moon's fog.....

Gods of death warriors of the desert.....
Fever witch spectre of fire.....
Commanded by Marduk magician of the gods.....

No coven shall be broken, hear my words.....
Step foot on our land, awakes the gods of war.....
Offering battle, under the moon's fog.....

Find more similar lyrics on into the winds..... Victory!
Gods of thunder win..... Victory!
Thrusting mighty swords..... Victory!
Sacrifice of blood..... Victory!

Conquering worlds between two worlds.....
Those armies of the Northern chill.....
Light the land of wisdom.....
I am one.....
Wielding my double headed axe.....
Under the moon's fog.....

Hail victory!!
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Lyrics to Under the Moon's fog
by Vital Remains

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