Lyrics to Call u Sexy
by Vs

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[edit]Song titleCall u Sexy
[edit]Artist nameVs
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Echo Chinyere
I'm in the back room
Listening to the girls
Who saw u in the club & they want u baby,
Can't blame them
Kinda feel the same
It's about to be a game & I got to win it,
Wanna know u, before they do,
& I got a little place we can go to,
& u can show me some of your tattoos

Hey Mammi, Take it easy,
Just looking at you can't please me,
What can I say, Feel the same way,
Let's go somewhere we can play


Why do they call you sexy,
I'll tell you why they
call you,
Cuz your pants be sagging &
your smile be banging,
A cool little gangsta style - baby

Marvin & Ryan
Why do they call you sexy,
I'll tell you why they
call you,
Cuz your hips be showing &
your lips be singing,
There's so many reasons to call you sexy


Yo it's the baggy jeans, teeth
clean, (colgate lean)
That got me keen,
I gotta get to know you boy
cuz every night you're in
my dreams,
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That's the way you impress,
The things you do the sexy ways
That grab the ladies interest

By the DJ Booth
Talking to my boys
Who saw you on the floor
& they want you baby,
But the way you looking over here,
Just seems like you made
your choice already,
Now it's on you,
Can I call you,
Or do you have a little place we can go to,
& you can show me some of
those dirty moves - baby

Hey Pappi, Take it easy,
Cuz I know you know where you tease me,
What can I say, Feel the same way
Let's go somewhere we can play


Tight clothes, lips connect
with them eyes closed,
& when I'm chillin & (billin)
that's how the game goes,
Bring on the (fur) to fix
that colourful rainbow,
& you ain't even interested
in other players oh

What's the deal about you,
That makes it feel so right,
That's the reason why they call you

Chorus x2
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Lyrics to Call u Sexy
by Vs

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