Lyrics to After School Special
by Wakefield

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[edit]Song titleAfter School Special
[edit]Artist nameWakefield
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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i fought it forever, between the now and never
hide behind my feelings, like a game of hide & seek
i wanted you badly, you looked at me so sadly
i'm mounting my eyes, with this could never be
'cause i like her and you're like me

so can't you see, i'm open for a change
this was never easy, and it's never been so strange
to fall for that girl, that falls for all the girls
it's just not right
welcome to the after school special of my life

if we were together, i'd make your heart surrender
no more watching girls go by, i'd make her stay at home
i'd wear what you told me, as long as you will hold me
like a man, and understand, that this is not impossible
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this got so complicated, common interest separate
the fine print on the label of your life is never told
one shot missed and two got wasted
three's a charm but hesitating,
i will never mean to you what you will mean to me

i fought it forever, between the now and never


(my life)(this got so complicated,
common interest separate)
til end
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Lyrics to After School Special
by Wakefield

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