Lyrics to Nobody's Darlin' but Mine
by Wanda Jackson

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[edit]Song titleNobody's Darlin' but Mine
[edit]Artist nameWanda Jackson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Come sit by my side little darlin' come lay your
cool hand on my brow And promise me that you will
never be nobody's darlin' but mine You're as sweet
as the flowers of springtime You're as pure as the
dew on the rose I'd rather be somebody's darlin'
than a poor girl that nobody knows Be nobody's
Find more similar lyrics on' but mine love be honest be faithful and
kind And promise me that you will never be
nobody's darlin' but mine steel
My mother has gone up to heaven my daddy is with
her I know And sister has gone to meet mother but
where I'll go nobody knows Be nobody's darlin'...
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Lyrics to Nobody's Darlin' but Mine
by Wanda Jackson

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